Refund Policy

At Gamebillet, we like to keep things simple about refunds. We can guarantee that all our activation keys and/or download links work perfectly. Should there be a problem that our support can not solve, we will always make sure that you either get a new key as replacement or a full refund* in 48 hours.

You can contact us any time to request a refund. We can help you with any inconvenience as quickly as possible.


Sales Policy

·  Before buying a game, it is your sole responsibility and obligation to make sure that you have the technical grounds for operating the game, and that your computer system meets the minimum System Requirements for the game.

·  We can not take any responsibility for a game working on a newer or different operating system than as specified in the System Requirements for each game.


Refund Policy

You will have the right to withdraw from the purchase of a game you have made through GameBillet, for any or no reason, for up to 14 calendar days from your purchase (the “Refund Period”), subject to the following limitations:

a) You expressly acknowledge, consent and agree that you will no longer have the right to withdraw from the purchase of the game or obtain a refund if, the "Refund Period" expires and /or  "Download Process" for the game has begun. Once the download process for the game has begun, you will no longer have the right to withdraw from the purchase of the game or obtain a refund, and the sale, purchase and payment will be final.

b) You expressly acknowledge, consent and agree that the "Download Process" for a game begins when:

(1)download links for the game (such as Other DRM, DRM free games) is added to your account and available for your download,


(2) a key (activation code, bonus code, multi player code such as a Steam, Rockstar Social Club code) for a game is revealed and seen by you or you have activated a direct activation product such as a Uplay game through your account.  

*Please note some payment methods, such as Paysafecard does not allow direct refunds. Refunds for these payment methods will be provided as store credit.

*Disputed payments automatically results in revocation of the codes.


Technical Support

As a digital distributor of downloadable content, our knowledge of in-game problems can be limited. For the best support for problems with your game:

- Contact the developer or the publisher for the specific game.
- Use forums and fan sites to find information and possible solutions about your problem.


Feel free to contact us any time with your questions @ [email protected]


Last updated: 25/05/2020